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Connect to God MeditationMeditation

Connect to God Meditation

There are different religions and every religion drives a person following it to have a belief in particular God, Deity or Guru. But somewhere in subconscious, unconscious and even in conscious mind, a person may have a strong desire to see or experience God. Connect to God Meditation by Institute of Spiritual Sciences is meant for such people who have a deep rooted desire to see, meet, feel or seek guidance from their Deity, God or Guru. This meditation can be done by even an atheist to experience existence of the supreme power by themselves.

In ancient India and in contemporary Indian Society, this meditation is termed as “Prabhu Darshan” (Connecting and Meeting your God). It is believed and scripted in epics that ‘Darshan’ is not possible without very hard meditation, penance or Tapaa, which only holy sages used to do in ancient times. Now adays “Connecting with God”, is merely a concept, which is either seen on television screens or can be read about in some books. It is still a myth or fiction for most of the individuals. The fact is Prabhu Darshan is possible and there is a purpose of having Prabhu Darshan.

There are moments in life when a person wants to know the solutions to his problems or wants to know why he is into such a problem. There are some people who have everything they want in life but want to know the purpose of their life. Thus the purpose of doing Connect to God Meditation varies from person to person and hence experience of every person doing the same meditation is definetely different.

We don’t really get to meet people who have actually met God/Deity in real. And if there are people with such higher levels of conciousness who can see or make you see God/Deity, how to find them? With the divine grace of this Connect to God Meditation, it is now possible to have the holy sight of one’s God, Deity or Guru without very hard penance or long process of meditation.

Secret Unrevealed

In this special meditation, first our Medulla Oblongata (a part of our brain), all the levels of mind that is conscious, subconscious, unconscious, theta, alpha and beta levels and the electromagnetic field which is called aura is purified and relaxed and is then connected with the divine cosmic energies. Then the meditator gets the divine holy sight of the God through unconscious and subconscious mind. The meditator can then see, meet and can even seek guidance from the divine directly. This high level of process and ultimately superb meditation is only possible at Institute of Spiritual Sciences.

  • This meditation is not religion based rather a person of any religion can do it.
  • A person of any age, sex, profession, religion who wishes to have the holy-sight of their God and experience blissfulness can do this meditation.
  • The experience of doing this meditation varies from person to person. It is one of those wonders in the world, which is worth experiencing once in the lifetime.

Few experiences which have been experienced by people after doing this meditation are as follows:

  • Benefit of connecting with God or Deity or Guru can only be experienced and not expressed in words.
  • The extent of blissfulness, peace and contentment that one experiences by doing this is miraculous.
  • A person reaches that state of euphoria, where he feels that he has achieved everything in life.
  • The whole meaning of living life becomes positive and spiritual.
  • Lot of questions related to life and motive of living life get answered.
  • The earth becomes the true heaven and a person reaches the stage of nirvana, where everything and everybody seems godly.

Please do not try to do this meditation on your own by recording or learning the method because one does not know how to control the different levels of their mind. When you do this meditation with the guided voice on our website, then you can be rest assured that Sri Maa will take care of all your levels and your purpose of doing this meditation will surely get fulfilled.

Special Note: Please follow the instructions of Sidhshakti Social Journey to know how can you do this meditation. Click here to know more.

To do this meditation – Email at or WhatsApp on 9310301300/400.

Disclaimer conditions apply. We only provide guidance, methods and materials about this meditation. The results may vary and will depend upon your commitment, dedication, believes and practice. In some cases there may be no results for which we will not be liable in any way.

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