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Sri Sidhshakti Challisa

As the name suggests challisa means the collection of Forty Mantra.

Sri Sidhshakti Challisa created by “Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti ji” is the collection of all glorious powers of the universe and the forty Veda’s Beej mantras. It is the grace and blessing of Sri Maa, that reciting this Challisa verbally or mentally or even listening to it, can solve every problem, hindrances, disturbances and tensions of the person automatically. It is only Sri Maa’s blessing and grace, with which we can directly connect with the supreme power of this universe. Sri Sidhshakti Challisa when chanted with true pronunciation and full devotion can do wonders in one’s life.

Here are few benefits which have been experienced by people after reciting Sidhshakti challisa:

  • It is a powerful way of connecting to the supreme power.
  • It develops full devotion and peace in mind and soul.
  • Chanting it in routine makes your life smooth and hurdle free.
  • Chanting it before sadhna, is a very good way of self purification.
  • Chanting it before sadhna, is also a way of praying to the sidhshakti to come and bless you and help you attain your motive for doing the sadhna.

Other Benefits:

There are unlimited, unbelievable and beyond comparable benefits of chanting and listening to Sri Sidhshakti Challisa. It gives benefits in all spheres of life whether it is mentally, physically, spiritually, worldly or any other. There are many benefits of Sri Sidhshakti challisa, which are as follows:

  1. Wish fulfilment and Monetary benefits : If you chant Sri Sidhshakti Challisa along with the Wish Fulfillment Meditation and Wealth Meditation, you will achieve your target faster and easily.
  2. Protection : The person who daily recites this challisa gets a protection shield with the grace of Sri Maa, under which a person receives protection from all sort of negativity and black magic.
  3. Benefits the family: If the chanting is done in high pitch it gives protection to the family, it stops daily quarrels and disputes among family members, it removes all sort of negativity from the mind and soul of the family members and brings peace and harmony within the family members.
  4. Physical benefits: The person becomes active and energetic with the daily chanting and doesn’t feel lazy in doing any work
  5. Freedom from fear and daily tensions: The person gets automatically free from all sorts of problems, tensions and hindrances of life.
  6. Spiritual growth: If the person wants to succeed on the path of spirituality, then the daily devoted recitation will help him achieve his dreams faster and easily.
  7. Worldly and materialistic benefits: Daily recitation of Sri Sidhshakti Challisa with devotion and dedication, removes all sorts of quarrels and disputes, gives peace, happiness, contentment and harmony in life. It removes all the negativity and brings harmony in every kind of relationship. It increases the will-power of the person and gives optimistic perspective towards life. The person also feels emotionally strong and stable.

Note: The benefits and experiences varies from person to person and also depends upon the devotion with which you do it.


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