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Healing Mantra

The mantras given by Sri Maa during this Deeksha, helps a person get rid of various kind of problems and diseases that is why it is called Healing Mantra. Listed below are the different kinds of purposes for which a person can take the healing mantra, which have been “Sidh” (further energized) by Sri Maa. Depending on the purpose, a person might need 1-4 mantra deeksha. This is because one disease or problem is linked to different root cause.

For example:

  • If a person lacks intelligence, then it could be because of negative energy or some other problem related to past life.
  • If a person has a major problem of itching, then it could also have different reasons like, negative energy, medicinal reaction, problem in adrenal gland etc.

That is why, a person must discuss the problem with Institute of Spiritual Sciences, so that he could be recommended by Sri Maa, the proper number of mantras to be taken. If a person goes to the chemist for a stomach ache, he would just give him a pain killer, but if he consults a doctor for it then he would give him a combination of medicines. Similarily, Sri Maa also sees the core cause of a problem and then recommends the mantras so that the problems or disease gets cured completely, fast and forever.

The Healing Mantras are as follows:

  1. Remove Stress & Tension.
  2. Protection from Enemies.
  3. For consistent sale in Business.
  4. Growth in business.
  5. Wealth enhancement.
  6. Get rid of any kind of chronic disease.
  7. Wish Fulfillment.
  8. Convince anyone in your business, profession etc.
  9. Fulfill the desire of prosperity.
  10. To have a comfortable delivery.
  11. To earn money.
  12. Eye problem.
  13. Improve eyesight.
  14. Stomach ache or stomach related disease.
  15. Ear pain.
  16. Enhance intelligence.
  17. Gain fame and wealth in poetry.
  18. Know your own past, present and future.
  19. Get rid of travelling phobia.
  20. Make your boss and colleagues positive towards you.
  21. Any kind of head-ache.
  22. Itching.
  23. Tooth ache.
  24. Convert bad luck to good luck.
  25. Get rid of evils and hindrance.
  26. Skin disease.
  27. Get rid of rats.
  28. Get rid of lung infection and cough.
  29. Growth in spirituality and receive salvation.
  30. To fascinate someone for yourself.
  31. Make your enemy, your friend.
  32. Chronic body pain.
  33. Fever.
  34. Diabetic problem.
  35. Arthritis.
  36. Reduce any kind of ill effect of nine planets (Nav-Grah).
  37. Get rid of the head ache caused after sunrise.
  38. Remove negative energy.
  39. Jaundice.
  40. Paralysis.
  41. Get rid of flies.
  42. Epilepsy.
  43. Have a good luck throughout the day.
  44. Get rid of miscarriage problem.
  45. For success.
  46. Convince anyone within your family.
  47. Get fame and money from ruling class.
  48. Ladies sexual problem.
  49. Ladies menstrual problem.
  50. Get rid of sinful or guilty feeling.
  51. Mouth related problems.
  52. Diseases caused due to negative energy.
  53. Receive the blessings of Shani (Saturn).
  54. Heal any wound.
  55. To have children.
  56. Anger.
  57. Nose bleed.
  58. To calm down a crying kid.
  59. Get auspicious results in your work.
  60. Win in every field.
  61. Gain every kind of prosperity.
  62. Get rid of bad habit.
  63. Stammering.
  64. Get a job.


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