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MeditationSidhshakti Healing

Sidhshakti Healing

Click! Click! Click!!! That’s the parameter of defining the speed in 21st century.

This ultra-luxurious life, where human beings are getting everything within a snap of a finger, has made him very lazy. Laziness clubbed with the mind power, which is human’s most potent tool has always found the shortest route to most of the things which has led us to many inventions and their related products. But this dependency on technology has caused an imbalance in nature as well as the human body. The fast, luxurious life where a human being has ignored his physical, mental and spiritual body has given birth to lot of diseases. Apart from physical diseases; emotional, psychological, mental diseases are rising at a very fast pace.

The minds have become full of stress, the thought process distorted, the emotions overpowered with depression and the physical body has been in-turn full of toxicity, diseases, problems, pains and blockages. Whether for the young or the elderly – the emotional, psychological and mental disorders have been greatly on a rise like an epidemic, instead of good health, happiness, smiles and deep peace. But now gradually everyone is seeking the easiest yet safest route to return back to balance, inner harmony and good health.

We humans believe in miracles. Where all doors close, one is still always open. Even medical science believes in this and knows that where even medicine does not work, prayer and healing always does.

Even when doctors no longer have any further solution to any problem they also direct the person to pray to the Supreme who can guide the way. There is certainly a technology created by the Supreme (who has also created us and the world) which can heal and treat our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual and all other diseases, problems or blockages. Like a loving parent, the Supreme Power always shows us the way and guides us towards the path which is best for us. ‘Sidhshakti Healing’ is already here on Earth.

It is unbelievable but true, that there is a spiritual and scientifically proved technique which can heal and treat your physical, emotional, psychological and mental diseases, problems and blockages.

What is Sidhshakti Healing?

Among many simple yet powerful meditations created by Sri Maa, Sidhshakti Healing is a process by which helps people cure/treat/heal their own and as well as other’s physical, mental and emotional problems.

Seeing the time constraint and busy lifestyle of today’s human being, Sidhshakti Healing has been made unique, simple, and powerful and is a quick process, which once learnt, changes the life of a person.

Universal Energy is for everyone, like the stars, sky, moon, earth, air, water, fire are for everyone. Sri Maa has shown us a miraculous way, which is the gift from the Supreme to help us get rid of our problems, chronic diseases from their roots, and further prevent them altogether.

Everybody hates taking pills, injections, visiting doctors when they fall ill.

Sometimes we get a pain or some kind of physical problem, at odd times or at odd places, where instant medical facility is unavailable or inaccessible.

Sometimes people are not able to get the treatment just because they don’t have money.

Many of us want to help others and ourselves but sometimes we lack funds, sometimes we lack time and sometimes we are bound to suffer.

Sidhshakti Healing gives a solution to all these problems.

  • It does not involve taking of any kind of medicine.
  • It can be done anytime and at any place without anyone else’s help.
  • Apart from physical, emotional, psychological and mental diseases, it helps to cure chronic problems as well. Today’s highly developed scientific era still does not have medications for anger, stress, hatred, tension. Because our medicines effects only our physical bodies and not subtle bodies. Thoughts, emotions, curiosity, feelings, love, pain etc are all part of subtle bodies. Curing them is only possible by doing energy based meditations.
  • You don’t have to pay every time and for every other disease. Once the energy is taken by Sri Maa, you can heal yourself and others throughout your life. The registration fee of learning Sidhshakti Healing is very minimal in front of the money involved in going to the doctor, taking medicines and getting any surgery and operation done.
  • One does not need to sacrifice anything for this meditation. On the contrary one will be able to manage his social life in a much better way. All young, old, married or specially abled people can do it successfully.
  • Even if you are healthy, you can do this meditation regularly for prevention of the dreaded diseases; greater health, spiritual growth; regular cleansing of chakras, aura and progressing successfully further on the path of Kundalini.
  • When the healers receives the initiations of further levels where they can heal others, they can perform the healing by charging a certain amount of money if they wish to or even do it for free to serve mankind. One can use this Healing as a profession and that money can be later spent on self or for public welfare. Sidhshakti Healing can also be used to serve the mankind by healing poor, suffering and needy people, children, animals and other beings.

Once you receive the Sidhshakti Healing energy from Sri Maa, it always remains with you. One can fall ill anytime and anywhere. Sidhshakti Healing helps you to cure the problems/ diseases of self and anybody else, anytime and anywhere. This process takes few minutes and has no side-effect.

How does it work?

 Medically, there are 7 glands in a human body and spiritually, these 7 glands are associated with 7 chakras. In a human body, a disease occurs when there is some kind of energy blockage, high energy or low energy in any particular area. This energy disturbance distracts the energy flow. The improper energy flow weakens the cells, which causes toxins or infection to develop in that area. There could be some kind of hormone or vitamin imbalance also. All of these combine to form a disease.

The whole universe is the creation of God. Humans formulated medicines from the nature’s elements.

Human beings have just transformed or manipulated the existing things to be called as medicines. We have to consume medicines to get rid of diseases. These medicines are made from things existing in nature.

Sidhshakti Healing is that universal energy based process by which we can directly get access to universal divine energies.

It is not a form of medicine but is a meditation technique which first penetrates in our outer aura, then inner aura, then chakra, further into the gland and every part of the brain, then the hormone and then the organ and heal it so that the person can get rid of every kind of physical, mental, emotional, psychological as well as chronic diseases. Through this technique, you can heal yourself as well as others. The person who you are healing does not have to be present in front of you. It is a unique, simple, powerful and quick method of curing the diseases. If you are healthy and do not have any sickness, then you can take other benefits of this healing technique like protection from diseases, mental peace, physical and emotional energy and strength, spiritual progress, clean your aura and chakra, kundalini awakening etc. and progress in every aspect of your life. Sidhshakti Healing is a great contribution and blessing from Institute of Spiritual Sciences to the society, so that each and every one can lead a healthy, peaceful and successful life. Till date, innumerous people have got benefitted from this technique and have got rid of their problems, which could not be treated even by doctors

Q. Who can learn Sidhshakti Healing?

A. Anybody of any religion, sex, caste, creed, above the age of five can learn it, without sacrificing anything and without any kind of restriction.

Q. How to learn it?

A. One must take the initiation first from Sri Maa for learning Sidhshakti Healing. Initiation can be taken personally, from distance through phone, tv, internet etc. After the initiation, the process of Healing will be guided, through which can start healing self as well as others. There are five levels in Sidhshakti Healing.

Special Note: Please follow the instructions of Sidhshakti Inner Journey to know how can you do this meditation. Click here to know more.

To do this meditation – Email at or WhatsApp on 9310301300/400.

Disclaimer conditions apply. We only provide guidance, methods and materials about this meditation. The results may vary and will depend upon your commitment, dedication, believes and practice. In some cases there may be no results for which we will not be liable in any way.


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