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What are Sidhshakti Articles?

After rigorous meditation, Sri Maa discovered the high benefits of crystals, rudrakshas and symbols gifted by our mother nature. Sri Maa further energized and recombined different things with high energies and special mantras and gave us a beautiful gift of Sidhshakti Articles. Sidhshakti Articles absorb the blockages, negativity and toxins of our environment and our inner self which creates a hindrance in doing meditations and mantras. Lot of times, a person finds difficulties in doing healing and Kundlini because of his/her own internal negative energies; sometimes a person feels stressed all the time because of the negative energies around them. Sidhshakti Articles proves to be a boon in such cases. Doing Meditation and using Sidhshakti articles makes it a combination of 1 + 1 = 11, and also doing mantras along with Sidhshakti Meditations and articles makes it a combination of 1 + 1 + 1 = 111.

  • Using Sidhshakti Articles along with Healing helps cure the disease fast and makes the process of the healer also fast.
  • Using them along with Wealth Improvement Meditation, increases the flow of wealth fast.
  • Using them along with Wish Fulfilment Meditation, continuously removes the bondages/ prarbdhas/ hurdles even when you are not doing the meditaion.
  • Using it at your work place or home removes the negativity of that place.
  • Using it in the living room, improves the relationships.
  • Wearing special Rudrakshas and crystals, continuously keeps cleaning and enhancing the aura and helps in moving ahead on the path of spirituality fast.
  • Special oils in Sidhshakti Articles cures sudden as well as pain and gives instant relief.
  • It also removes Black Magic from its roots.

Contact us for more details.

For best results, contact us before using any article. You will be best recommended as to what all articles to combine and how to use the articles, for best results.

Note: The experiences of using these articles varies from person to person and also depends on the devotion and faith with which you do it.

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