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Stress – A hindrance in joyful life

What is Stress?

It is an inborn feature within the humans to remain active all the time. The work may be happening on a Physical level or a Mental level, a person always keeps on doing something or the other. And even after regular efforts, when he does not receive results according to his wish, then the feelings of tension, fear, sadness, conflict, insecurity give rise to stress. Small-small mis-understandings of life, diseases, unhappiness, depression, tension, take place of chronic diseases in the later stages. Unwanted financial problems, or many other problems of life- faced by whether a lady, a man, a child or an old person, businessman or serviceman, student or youth, lead to stress which effects everyone in one form or the other. Human life is surrounded by Stress of different kinds, which depends on the amount of tension. Some Stress are short lived and some are long-standing, i.e. they continue for a long time. With Stress, negative thoughts and feelings appear within the mind of the person, which create a great impact on his daily life. The Physical, Mental and Social Processes also get affected due to this.

There are certain known circumstances, which create Stress are:-

Feeling of insecurity in life, mental inability to have a control over the situation, unknown fear, criticizing, inability to use time correctly, inability to express feelings, inability of will-power and understanding, weakness of mind represented by the state of being away from reality in false thoughts, Tensions in Relationships, A mental setup creating an inability to understand the helping attitude amongst relationships like husband-wife, children, friends, relatives etc., Without understanding the situation of the family blaming parents for the non-fulfillment of wishes, being entangled in demeaning feelings, thinking the self to be the best. In truth if we sit and evaluate we will find the reason behind the states of Stress are the feelings created by us. Our own ego.

Curative View-

Scientists and doctors accept this fact that, Stress is basically a state of mind, which slowly and steadily affects the physical state also.

1) The state of Stress effects our brain. In this state a hormone called – cortisol is released in the brain, because of which we are unable to face situations of Hatred, Sadness, Anger, Anxiety etc.

2) Another side of stress is that it squeezes the blood vessels, because of which the brain does not receive required oxygen. Hormones also gets imbalanced due to Stress.

The indications of stress:

Brain: tiredness, pain, fear, feel like crying, depression, anxiousness, anger, sleeplessness, tendency of suicide.

Stomach: Ulcer, Diarrhea, Hormonal problems, Gas

Glands: Thyroid gland does not work properly, becoming fat/gaining excess weight.

Circulatory System: Irregular Heartbeat, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack

Skin- Itching, Redness of the skin.

The energy of the body and mind gets destroyed with stress. The physical power becomes less. The energy of working within the person becomes very less. The body and mind become weak.

“ Remove the Stress and sing the song of Life”– Peace, Happiness and Love is our true nature, Several times during different circumstances, difficult situations, being busy in excess, and unnecessary tensions, we fall prey to stress. This Stress creates a storm on our mental and emotional level. It’s speed is so strong that negative thoughts and sad behavior immediately start to show up as it’s side-effects, which can shake-up our lives.

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