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Inner Purification MeditationMeditation

Inner Purification Meditation

God created human beings and gave them ‘Indriyan’ and ‘Karamindriyan’ for body purification.

We have five Indriyans or five sense organs – eyes, ear, nose, tongue and skin. For example out of these the nose helps in clearing the air that we inhale and skin helps to regulate our body temperature and excretes excess of salt and water of our body. Similarly we have got five KaramIndriyan or the five organs of action – tongue, feet, hands, anus and genitals. For example the anus helps in excreting waste from the body and the tongue helps in chewing and swallowing food etc.

God also gave us systems like circulatory, respiratory, digestive etc, which automatically clean our body system from inside. Through the Respiratory System – we inhale oxygen and exhale carbondioxide while through the Digestive System – we intake food and excrete all that is waste.

Apart from our outer body and internal body system, we also have an inner self – to which our body, body system, life and health is connected. The inner self means – our emotions, feelings, thoughts and everything that is there in our subtle body and inner physical body.

Since the day of our birth, everybody takes care of the body and its outer parts only. Whenever a person falls sick, he comes to know that his internal body parts and organs are not working properly with the help of a doctor or through different forms of medical tests. But nobody pays attention to the negative thoughts, negative emotions, baggage, negativity, toxins, blockages, lack of or excess energy etc that is damaging our inner self.

If we do not clean our outside physical body even for just few days, it starts stinking, looking ugly and toxins and negativity forms on our body. Now just imagine, a person hasn’t thought about his inner purification since his birth. Whatever is your age, that is the time span since you have been depositing toxins, negativity, blockages and thus creating an imbalance in thoughts, emotions etc. This imbalance creates a hindrance in doing our day to day work.

Wherever these negativities deposits, a disease develop.

A person can cleanse his physical body with soap etc. but there is no medicine till date, which can cleanse the ‘Inner’ of a person. Knowingly and unknowingly in our daily lives we do so many karmas (actions) which leave some sort of turbulence within us. It also happens that without our fault somebody hurts us and we get disturbed. We may forget those moments after sometime but they are there somewhere deep within and with us. Scientifically, all our emotions and thoughts are present in our aura and our inner self. If we are able to cleanse our aura, we become peaceful from within. It is very important to clean the negativity, blockage and toxins from within. When any action is done with a peaceful mind, a person is bound to get success, good relationships, peace and happiness with minimal efforts. Another positive aspect of being at peace is that, we remain in a state of mind and emotions where we don’t do any negative karma.

Inner Purification Meditation by Institute of Spiritual Sciences, is the process for purifying the feelings, emotions, thoughts and complete inner body and soul. The outer body can be cleaned by water and soap, but there is no better option than doing this Inner Purification Meditation for cleaning yourself from deep within. This purification can be performed, before doing any meditation from Institute of Spiritual Sciences and even for purifying yourself regularly. This meditation has been made compulsory before proceeding to other meditations, so that the person gets sure and maximum results of doing the mediation, as this meditation removes the blockages and negative energies in the aura, body, chakras and helps the universal energies to penetrate easily. If these blockages will not be removed one will not be able to get complete benefits of doing the Sidhshakti Meditations.

Sri Maa in a very simple language and process has unveiled how science and meditation goes hand in hand. The knowledge that Sri Maa has given thus help us in understanding the hidden truth of Sidhshakti meditations. Thus we request you not to ignore this blessing, thinking it to be a superstition. Inner Science is as true as modern science. Experience it yourself and lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

*Anyone can do this meditation at anytime, at any comfortable place without any restriction of any kind in your day to day life.

* The duration of this meditation is only 20-25 minutes.

* It can be done anytime, anywhere – be it office, home, or while travelling in car, train, or while sitting on chair, bed etc.

* There is no need to concentrate or make your mind thoughtless for this meditation. You just need to close your eyes, sit and listen to Sri Maa’s voice in this meditation.

This meditation thus helps in gaining the following benefits, which has been experienced by different people after doing this meditation:-

  • Attain inner peace and happiness.
  • Balance your mind, body and soul.
  • Purify your emotions, thoughts, feelings and inner-self.
  • This purification meditation also prepares the ground for the universal energy to enter our body, which helps us in doing other Sidhshakti Meditations properly and provides maximum results of those – When your aura, body and the inner gets purified and the blockages in them gets cleared away, the flow of the universal energy in your organs, system, aura etc. becomes easy. This helps to reap maximum results when doing any further meditation.

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Special Note: Please follow the instructions of Sidhshakti Social Journey or Sidhshakti Inner Journey to know how can you do this meditation.

To do this meditation – Email at or WhatsApp on 9310301300/400.

Disclaimer conditions apply. We only provide guidance, methods and materials about this meditation. The results may vary and will depend upon your commitment, dedication, believes and practice. In some cases there may be no results for which we will not be liable in any way.

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