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Guru Mantra

  • True Guru is a person who brings light of wisdom & bliss in a life of a disciple.
  • True Guru is a person who is a universal medium of connecting disciples to universal energies for development & evolvement of the disciple.
  • True Guru guides his disciples or people believing in him, on a correct path; physically, socially, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A mantra given by Guru for the disciple’s development and evolvement is known as Guru Mantra. The Guru Mantra given by Sri Maa is like a very special Shakti Beej Mantra.

Shakti – It connects the disciple to the universal energies, from where he/she can seek guidance in every aspect of life.

Beej – It is like a seed planted in our soul. Once a seed is planted and then if nurtured with water, air, fertilizer etc, seed turns into a fruit-bearing tree with immense other benefits. Similarly, a person who acquires Guru mantra and recites it on a daily basis as directed by Sri Maa, grows in all spheres of his life.

Mantra – Energized word(s), well researched to have the power to connect to a certain vibration of energy of the Universe and bring harmony along with fulfillment in a very positive yet powerful way.

What is the significance of Guru Mantra in everyone’s life?

Every one of us wishes to live a successful life, free of problems and diseases. If we closely observe the root cause of any disease or problem, we will find that it originates from the imbalance- ‘excess or deficiency’ of energies within us. Every person who is fully nourished from within and whose inner-outer energies are balanced becomes successful in every sphere of life. Guru Mantra is the most simple, yet powerful way of easily accomplishing this and more in life.

Like air, water, sun, moon, stars, earth are for everyone, similarly Guru Mantra is for everyone. Anyone, of any age, gender, caste, religion can take it. Someone who has taken Gurumantra from anywhere else, can also take it from Sri Maa, if wishes to.


The reason to receive Guru Mantra and connect to these universal powers is always different for everyone. It could be to eliminate imbalance, know yourself fully, excel spiritually or to become free of diseases and problems. Our ancient Saints and Sages had to work very hard to reach such accomplishments. But in today’s times it could only be the hard work of great Spiritual Scientist like Sri Maa, who has not just received such a great task upon Her with grace, but has also made this path so simple for everybody.

Chanting Guru Mantra is not done for just taking the Guru’s name. It is done for taking blessing and guidance from The Guru, for your own benefit.

By chanting Guru Mantra one can get benefit in all fields of life, the only thing required is an intended prayer in a proper direction.

As you do your Guru Mantra every day,

  1. The imbalance you may be encountering in your day-to-day life gets balanced.
  2. New opportunities in life open up.
  3. The protective energy shield around you becomes stronger and protects you from various negative energies, diseases etc.
  4. Creates a deep connection with Sri Maa and divine universal energies and thus leads to instant solutions to all kinds of problems.
  5. Releases the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional blockages.
  6. Supports the individual to connect back to internal purity, balance, positivity and strengthen him/her at Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Social levels.
  7. Leads to overall spiritual growth of the person.
  8. Gets rid of sleep disorders.
  9. Enhance your inner hidden talents & virtues.
  10. Get rid of any kind of excessive anger, fear or another emotions.
  11. The ‘Whole Energy of the Universe’ is very powerful. In order to receive energy (Shakti) of such magnitude within us we must be ready and appropriately developed at all levels. If we in-take such a powerful energy ourselves without any experience, wisdom, knowledge or guidance, then an imbalance can get easily generated within us. Guru Mantra is that most important, first and ultimate step which makes the person ready, balanced, positive and well developed at all levels to progress further on this wonderful path of life.
  12. Due to the internal blockages created by our deeds, thought patterns, diseases, food habits, life-style practices etc, the internal passage, which supports the flow of the Supreme Universal Energy situated within us remains under-developed. Thus the powerful universal energy is unable to work internally in a balanced way. Guru Mantra Deeksha granted by Sri Maa is thus individualized to every single person to meet their needs of healing, inner-work, self-development and progress.
  13. One receives access to several different universal powers and experiences actual “DARSHAN”- Spiritual experience of seeing, feeling or hearing specific aspects of the great Universal Powers or your Spiritual guides and Deities.
  14. Empower you to make wise decisions in life.
  15. Make your life stress-free, blockage-free and perform all your worldly tasks to successful completion.
  16. Lead a meaningful and successful life.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, one can also chant Gurumantra for a special blessing or wish. One can get solution to any type of genuine problem as Universal energies start working immediately for healing that problem after the intended request or prayer. That wish could be of removing any kind of bad habits, addictions, negative relations; solve day to day life problems; want success in your meeting; heal your disease etc.

The Results of doing Gurumantra will vary from person to person.

The only thing you require to get fully nourished and receive all benefits through the Guru Mantra granted by Sri Maa – are the true feelings from your heart, with faith and trust. You do not even need to make any changes in your present life-style or renunciate anything. Irrespective of where you stay, what you do, your habits, food or life-style, you can receive Guru Mantra from Sri Maa. Guru Mantra granted by Sri Maa does not make you bounded in any way. Instead it makes you free of inner blockages and capable of successfully completing any task that life brings.

Every process created by Sri Maa is very simple and easy. She has innovated them considering the needs of every person of today including children, students, teenagers, married people, women, elderly, service-men, bussiness-men, sick, dis-abled and all others. This is one of the greatest gift of the Universe to everyone of us through Sri Maa, that we can connect to the Universal energies from where-ever we are.

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