Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sidhshakti Divya Naad

Divya Naad means Divine Sound or Song. Sidhshakti Divya Naad is a very powerful Universal Divine Sound which can remove any negative energy and create connection with Universal energies very quickly. Thus it can bring great amount of instant positivity to any environment like at home, office, workplace etc.

Often we find ourselves or other people: thinking or saying about the negativity present in homes, offices, a particular room, a space or an environment. What-ever we may do, this negative energy encourages more anger, hatred, jealously, arguments, fights, feeling of constant failure, distress, sickness or much more. The resolution to this un-ending problem has been made very simple and easy. Sidhshakti Divya Naad is a precious gift by Sri Maa to the whole world. It has been known to channelize and fill any space with instant powerful Universal Energies just by playing it through a CD or through our website. People start to feel a strong continued positivity and protection till the area in which its sound is heard. Everyone who experiences these heightened positive universal energies in their environment feels blessed to become free of the negativity they had been facing since a long time.

Sidhshakti Divya Naad is for everyone. Since it bestows positive Universal energy to every place, it can be played by everyone to reap these wonderful benefits and thus bring positivity, peace and prosperity on Earth.

In case you feel your problem is much greater and also may contain darker or higher negative energies like Black Magic then you can contact us to seek guidance about how you can be helped further as per your individual need.

One must play it minimum twice a day till your problem is not resolved. One who is not suffering from any major problem can also play it to purify the environment.

Note: The experiences and benefits varies from person to person and also depend upon the devotion with which you use it.

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