Thursday, October 5, 2023

How is spirituality and science related?

Spirituality and science are both the process of enlightenment. Spirituality is about knowing and exploring your inner-self. There is a saying in Sanskrit “Yat Brahmande Tat Pinde”, meaning whatever is in the universe, is inside us. As a person starts moving ahead on the path of spirituality, he/she starts to know more and does new exploration and discoveries of the inner self and every particle of the whole universe, starts to gain new talent, starts to know about the hidden mystery of universal energies, automatically gains the knowledge of astrology, numerology, chakras, planets, Gods and Goddesses – their colors and their purposes etc.

Similarly, science also does the new inventions and discoveries, and makes our life easier by providing us amenities and luxuries through technology. Science also constantly does new discoveries in our solar system, in different galaxies, on earth and on planets and tries to find out the hidden mystery of who is managing this whole universe. Our ancient saints discovered everything about different planets – their names, benefits, purposes, colors etc. and today science is also doing the same research on Shani, Brahaspati, Mangal etc. this signifies that spiritual science and medical science both works on the concept of cosmic energy.

Science cures a disease through medicines. These medicines are made up of the elements extracted from the nature. The Institute of Spiritual Science also works on the same concept and directly connects the body with nature and universal energies. Scientific medicines work on the body cells, which further heals the body organ. Universal energies in Sidhshakti Meditations work on body chakra, which further positively affects the cell energy, body cell aura, brain, different organs of the body, glands and hormones. It does not only cures the disease but also makes the body healthy and protects the body further from disease.

Science has its own limitations, but there are no limitations to Sidhshakti Meditations. Apart from gaining everything in this universe, a person can see his past life, can travel astrally, take directions about his future through our meditations, which is scientifically not possible.

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