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About Sidhshakti Dham

Sidhshakti Dham

The Future Project

Sri Maa believes that one day or the other, Her physical body will merge with the five elements of nature forever. That is why She dreams of a place called “Sidhshakti Dham”, where She would install and reside all the universal energies provided by the divine to Her forever and make this place the 8th Wonder of the World. It may be the 8th but it is the first wonder to provide social welfare, where people from around the world and of every religion can come and enjoy its benefits.

There are a lot of unique features in this place:

  1. Sidhshakti Huts: These automated huts would be so powerful and enriched with energies that anybody who comes here with any problem would enter inside the concerned hut and will get cured after a few sessions.
  2. 108 Mercury Shivling: Even this would be world’s first wonder, which looks like one shivling, but in reality are 108 in number. On Mahashivratri every year, 108 people with their family would do Shodshopchara Pujan and Rudrabhishek worship of Shivling, which will be established by Sri Maa with divine Mantras and lively energies, and can get divine blessings and benefits.
  3. Solar System: No matter what dosh you have from the Nav Grah or any of your grah is weak, one can come here and seek blessings of the Nav Grah i.e Nine planets and get rid of their problems. One would also get rid of problems like Kalsarp dosh and pitra dosh.
  4. Universal Biodiversity Garden: Here one would gain knowledge and benefits of trees like Navgrah, mosquito repellent, Rudraksha, Herbs etc.
  5. Sarv Dharam Mandir: Here people from every religion would come and do pujan and worship as per their religious beliefs and customs. The main purpose of this place is to spread peace and connect everyone with brotherhood.
  6. Sidhshakti Yagya Sthal: For Havan & Anusthan.
  7. Hreeng Room: Where Cds, Crystals, Rudrakshas, Books etc would be made available.
  8. Gaushala: Where one can serve holy cow.
  9. Children’s Park: Where children who have would come with the families can play and have fun.
  10. Library: It would have every kind of knowledgeable books.

Apart from all this there would be big and small meditation halls and rooms, Dining Hall, Bhandara Room, VIP rooms, 1 BHK, 2 BHK and dormitory for disciples as well as general public, Parking Area, Shoe Area, Male & Female Toilet.

We all together should contribute towards making Sidhshakti Dham world’s first wonder. We can contribute in ways like – funding land, huts, shivling, children’s park, Sri Maa’s meditation room and/or fund for a room in your name or your elder’s name and earn blessings in contributing towards making this world’s first wonder.

You can contribute towards other meditation programs also that are conducted in schools, colleges, institutes, jail, slums, orphanage, companies, offices, factories etc. For more information, contact us at


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