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About Institute of Spiritual Sciences

Institute of Spiritual Sciences:

Connecting you to cosmic energies.

Institute of Spiritual Sciences was set up with the objective of creating and spreading awareness, education and knowledge in the general public about all forms and all aspects of spirituality, meditations and energy healing and to help needy who belong to poor class, middle class, upper class or are physically disabled to get rid of their problems like internal, physical, emotional, mental, materialistic, worldly, financial, relationship, spiritual etc, and help each and everyone lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life.”

The word institute stands for the place where everybody gains in-depth knowledge. Thus ‘The Institute of Spiritual Sciences’ is one such place where one can gain in-depth knowledge of the universe and the universal energies around us and also acquire all the universal cosmic energies and get benefitted from it.

The word “Sciences” here stands for the cosmic science, just like there is medical science, allopathic science, homeopathic science etc.

The sole purpose of forming Institute of Spiritual Sciences was to cure such diseases and problems, which could not be solved by any other science. At times, no medicine or counseling can relieve or help get rid of psychological disease, chronic disease or diseases caused due to past life bondage. Financial problems, emotional problems, spiritual problems and many such problems do not even have any cure. The fact is that such diseases and problems are cured only when the universal energy combines with our internal energy. The understanding of this phenomenon can help us gain everything in life and fulfill all our wishes.

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji herself realized this when she had fallen sick (Read Sri Maa’s Jeevani to know more). No other science, but the connection of internal energies with cosmic energies gave Sri Maa a new life.

Sri Maa then felt the pain for others too, who are from weaker sections, jail inmates, people who are sick, people who are needy no matter to which class they belong, people who do not have the money for their treatment, people who are suffering from incurable disease, people who are suffering from problems like emotional, relationship, memory, anger, stress etc for which there is no medicine to cure.

There is only one remedy to cure all the above problems, which is in cosmic science. One cannot lead a complete healthy, happy, peaceful and successful life without surrendering to cosmic science. Thus to fulfill this mission, Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji formed Institute of Spiritual Sciences at A 38, Shardapuri, Ramesh Nagar in New Delhi and formed for rest of the world. There are free as well as paid meditations as well with a nominal fee, the collection from which goes in promoting and taking forward The Institute of Spiritual Sciences and making Sidhshakti Dham, which will be the 8th Wonder of the world.

The Insitute of Spiritual Sciences was formed on 8th January 1998, since then innumerous people have benefitted by doing Sidhshakti Meditations at Institute of Spiritual Sciences, in different camps/shivirs, through CDs, Tv and internet. They have not just got rid of their physical, emotional, psychological, financial, relationship and spiritual problems; but have also progressed ahead in life and succeeding on the path of spirituality by gaining divine energies by Sri Maa through Kundlini Awakening Meditation, Sidhshakti Healing and different Mantras.


The core objective of Institute of Spiritual Sciences is to help needy who belong to poor class, middle class, upper class or are physically disabled to get rid of their problems like internal, physical, emotional, mental, materialistic, worldly, relationship, spiritual etc.

Institute of Spritual Sciences does not promote any kind of superstition, racism or casteism. There are no restrictions of any way here. One does not have to leave the family, social life or lead a path of renunciation. Instead one learns the art to live life peacefully and happily and achieve the true motto of life.

A responsible human being dreams of a good society and country. A good country is formed by its society, a good society is formed by its people, a good person is formed by the inner self and the true inner-self is formed by its connection with the cosmic energy. Thus by connecting to the cosmic energy through Institute of Spiritual Sciences, the inner-self, people, society as well as the country can progress.

The way a person receives a professional degree from any Institute, a person at Institute of Spiritual Sciences receives true knowledge and understanding about its inner-self and the universe, which transforms his/her life for a better future. This wisdom that he gains is much above a professional degree. Everybody who comes here surrenders all their problems to Sri Maa. None goes back without getting the solution to their problem. To free people from their problems and see them lead a happy life, gives Institute of Spiritual Sciences the real happiness and this is our victory.

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