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MeditationWish Fulfilment Meditation

Wish Fulfilment Meditation

In a person’s life, ‘Wish’ plays a very crucial role in making the life happy or hollow. If a person’s wish is fulfilled, he/she becomes very happy and successful. But if a particular wish is not fulfilled at appropriate age and time, the person becomes very disappointed and sad. With passage of time, slowly and gradually, an unfulfilled wish of a person brings him/her in depression, stress, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, emotional pain etc. All these lead a person to various types of problems; physical, mental and emotional diseases, relationships start getting spoiled; businesses and jobs start getting very negatively impacted; there is a surge of constant feeling of incompleteness and un-satisfaction towards life etc.

Many a times, people face the issues like:

  • No matter how much effort they put in, they ultimately realize that they don’t have anything in their hands.
  • No matter how much dedication they put in their work, they fail to get promotion or increment in their jobs, fail to get good results in business etc.
  • After putting all the efforts, people do not find the right match for marriage.
  • Some people are unable to carry forward their desires, hobbies and ambitions in life of becoming a singer, dancer, designer, writer etc.

A person’s wish doesn’t get fulfilled because of his own negative karma. These negative karmas could be in the form of Prarabdh (hurdles), Bandhan (bondage) or Dosh (evil consequences of wrongful act done). All these obstacles are caused by the negative karma of this or previous life/lives done knowingly or unknowingly by that person. This Wish Fulfillment Meditation works at Karmic levels to eradicate your hurdles/bondage/evil consequences of wrongful act done from your present and/or past life/lives.

Wish Fulfilment Meditation is a unique meditation which helps a person to fulfil any unfulfilled wish with the help of divine energies. This high-energy meditation helps to destroy all the problems, blockages, hurdles etc. related to your unfulfilled wish. A person is connected to cosmic energies in universe during this meditation & energies start flowing within him, eradicating his negativities and negative karmas. When the negative energy of a person is removed, his mind becomes free from all the stress. Positive energy fills in all the parts of his brain. Every part of his brain becomes strong which makes him take right decisions in life. When the inner as well as outer energies gets balanced, the person moves ahead in right path and does right Karmas (deed) towards fulfilling his wish or goal. Thus a person can seek the divine help for fulfilling his wishes.

The important point to be taken care of during this meditation is that the wish should be genuine and with positive intent. No wish with negative intent (because of jealosy, hatred, ego etc) will be fulfilled.

People of any age, gender, caste and creed can do this meditation related to their personal as well as professional life, for example if you do not have a business you can ask the wish to start a new business, for promotion, to find the match for your marriage, families who do not have kids can ask for kids, success in any hobby, talent or ambition one has etc.



  • You can only take one wish during one session of meditation. You will have to do another session to take second wish if desire. For example: A person might have two wishes – to get a job and to get married as well, to sell an old property and buy a new one, want increment as well as promotion in the job. In these cases after they have done the meditation for both the wishes under the guidance of Sri Maa, they will have to devote 20 minutes twice a day for each wish, which means 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening.
  • Wish statement should be very clear, concise and short.
  • One wish statement should not be a mixture of more than one wish i.e. wish should be focused on a single aim. For example: One shouldn’t ask for promotion and increment in one sentence or in one wish fulfillment meditation session together. In one session, he will ask that “Get me promoted to this (Post Name) as soon as possible”, and in the other session he will ask that “Get me an increment of (percentage) as soon as possible”.
  • One has to follow the guided steps of the meditation by Sri Maa and practice it daily until your wish is fulfilled.
  • It is important to share your experience with us as a thanksgiving to Sri Maa and the divine energies for their blessings.
  • Do complete your Tan-Man-Dhan sewa (Serve physically, mentally, monteraily) after your wish is fulfilled. A person does good or bad Karma (deed) in three ways – Kayik (by doing anything physically), Vachik (by saying anything verbally), Mansik (by doing or thinking something mentally). These deeds done knowingly or unknowingly create hurdles in our life. Thus to cut the Karambandhan (bondages formed due to one’s deeds) formed by three forms of Karmas – one must do sewa of all three forms – Tan, Man & Dhan. Click here to know more about Seva.
  • One can also start doing the sewa before the fulfillment of the wish, so that the hurdles coming in the way of the wish gets cleared fast.

*Anyone can do this meditation at anytime, at any comfortable place without any restriction of any kind in your day to day life.

* The duration of this meditation is only 20-25 minutes.

* It can be done anytime, anywhere – be it office, home, or while travelling in car, train, or while sitting on chair, bed etc.

* There is no need to concentrate or make your mind thoughtless for this meditation. You just need to close your eyes, sit and listen to Sri Maa’s voice in this meditation.

Special Note: Please follow the instructions of Sidhshakti Social Journey to know how can you do this meditation. Click here to know more.

To do this meditation – Email at or WhatsApp on 9310301300/400.

Disclaimer conditions apply. We only provide guidance, methods and materials about this meditation. The results may vary and will depend upon your commitment, dedication, believes and practice. In some cases there may be no results for which we will not be liable in any way.

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