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About Sidhshakti Meditations

In this universe, one thread of the possibility and impossibility of every work, from the birth till the death lies in God’s hands. If “He” wants then anything can become possible. If “He” wants then he can take away the breath in no time, if “He” wants then he can even make a dead alive, if “He” wants then the impossible could be made possible. But in the end, only if “He” wants. Otherwise lot of times no matter how much hard a person works, even after seeing the victory in front of him he loses; person feels empty handed even after having everything with him; A student does not get good marks after all the hard work; even after seeing the best doctor a small disease becomes fatal; after taking all the precautions a person falls sick. All these situations are the evidence of the fact that if the universal energies want, then everything can be made possible and if they do not want then a person has no capability to even move a leaf.

Sri Maa identified, re-energized (Sidh) and collected these energies present in the universe and created the Sidhshakti Meditations. Sidhshakti Meditations means calling the universal energies in the special form of meditation and praying to them to fulfill a wish.

Everybody prays to God and worship them in different forms, but lot of times their wish does or does not fulfill. But Sidhshakti Meditation is a very simple method of connecting oneself to the divine energies, by which a person cures his every problem and fulfills every kind of physical, social, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual and every other desire. These hi-tech meditations are a simple way to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

The process of meditation is running from ages and even science believes in the fact that meditation puts a positive effect on brain as well as every body part, by which a person can keep himself happy, healthy and young always; memory becomes sharp, talent enhances etc.

The meditation held at other places is based only on the breathing exercise and a person needs to concentrate for doing it. The results of these meditations are slow and can be seen only on outer levels, but the meditations conducted at Institute of Spiritual Sciences is very unique and one of its kind in the world. A person does not need to concentrate for doing it, anyone, anywhere, he/she may be of any religion, caste, age can do it without sacrificing anything. The duration of every meditation held here is of only 15-20 minutes.

Q. How is spirituality and science related?

A. Spirituality and science are both the process of enlightenment. Spirituality is about knowing and exploring your inner-self. There is a saying in Sanskrit “Yat Brahmande Tat Pinde”, meaning whatever is in the universe, is inside us. As a person starts moving ahead on the path of spirituality, he/she starts to know more and does new exploration and discoveries of the inner self and every particle of the whole universe, starts to gain new talent, starts to know about the hidden mystery of universal energies, automatically gains the knowledge of astrology, numerology, chakras, planets, Gods and Goddesses – their colors and their purposes etc.

Similarly, science also does the new inventions and discoveries, and makes our life easier by providing us amenities and luxuries through technology. Science also constantly does new discoveries in our solar system, in different galaxies, on earth and on planets and tries to find out the hidden mystery of who is managing this whole universe. Our ancient saints discovered everything about different planets – their names, benefits, purposes, colors etc. and today science is also doing the same research on Shani, Brahaspati, Mangal etc. this signifies that spiritual science and medical science both works on the concept of cosmic energy.

Science cures a disease through medicines. These medicines are made up of the elements extracted from the nature. The Institute of Spiritual Science also works on the same concept and directly connects the body with nature and universal energies. Scientific medicines work on the body cells, which further heals the body organ. Universal energies in Sidhshakti Meditations work on body chakra, which further positively affects the cell energy, body cell aura, brain and different organs of the body. It does not only cures the disease but also makes the body healthy and protects the body further from disease.

Science has its own limitations, but there are no limitations to Sidhshakti Meditations. Apart from gaining everything in this universe, a person can see his past life, can travel astrally, take directions about his future through our meditations, which is scientifically not possible.

Q. How does Sidhshakti Meditations work?

A. Today you can just switch on the bulb and can lighten your room. The electricity is produced in the powerhouse and comes in your house through the wire – connections. Sidhshakti Meditations also works on the same concept, in which universal energies are the powerhouse and it is Sri Maa who connects us with the universal energies through invisible energy channels. After making the connection, the way it takes only a second to switch on the bulb and the electricity comes; similarly after doing the Aavahan (calling the universal energies) during Sidhshakti Meditations, the universal energies starts flowing within seconds.

These energies primarily work on our chakras and different parts of the brain, through which a person makes even an impossible thing, possible himself. After making the chakras strong, a person can get rid of the diseases without even taking medicines and can even awaken the Kundlini, which is not possible with any medical science. Meditation works on the brain and increases memory, increases concentration power, relieves stress, enhances creativity, cultivates good habit, increases focus and attention, purifies thoughts etc., which is not possible in medical science. Regularly practicing Sidhshakti Meditations increases immunity, balances B.P, makes the digestive system strong, all body systems functions normally, process of ageing reduces, sleep improves, balances body, mind and spirit and makes a person a good social human being.

Q. How and when to start Sidhshakti Meditations?

A. The best time to start the Sidhshakti Meditation in NOW. There is no such disease or problem, which does not have a cure in Sidhshakti Meditation. According to your problem and interest, one can choose any Sidhshakti Meditation to start with. If you do not have a particular problem, then to lead a happy, healthy and successful life, one must follow the process of Sidhshakti Inner Journey and Sidhshakti Social Journey to know the guided steps of which meditation to choose first so that you lead a smooth social and spiritual life. Contact us to know more.



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