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Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra

Sri Maa is a blessing of the Supreme Power to this universe with one single purpose to benefit the world with the divine energies in-order to relive everyone of all their problems, fulfill their wishes by resolving their past deeds and bless them with a life anew. Sri Maa is also a divine medium of transmitting the supreme universal energies to common man to relieve them of pain and sufferings through various Sidhshakti meditations.

Around two decades ago when Sri Maa started her welfare work, she contemplated how the blessings of these abundant, great, supreme Sidhshaktis could be forwarded to common people in an easy, powerful yet cost effective way. She collected the essence of Her God gifted unique, formless, supreme powers including the Sidhshakti powers and established them all into a small paper. This was created for the definite welfare of masses and also for providing them with an un-breakabke protection shield in the easiest form possible. This pure blessing is thus for everyone irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, status or age and was named ‘Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra’.

Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra created by Sri Maa and with the grace of the Supreme Power, is the size of a small paper, but is so powerful and effective that whoever keeps it near- clearly experiences the flow of a powerful positive energy within them. Kalyan Yantra bestows several benefits when used with its appropriate procedure. It is the blessing of Sri Maa for each and every one so that no blockage ever comes in their life. It not only resolves all the day-to-day daily life problems but also grants every kind of wish. It also provides instant relief from any kind of body pain.

People who have used Kalyan Yantra in the past, have often referred to it as:

  • A Divine first-aid for solving any immediate problem
  • Divine healer
  • Miraculous problem solver and pain reliever
  • A medium to feel the presence of divinity around you
  • To be blessed forever
  • The most simplest way of finding solutions
  • It’s as easy as switching on a light & getting rid of darkness

Kalyan Yantra has innumerable benefits. Here are a few more benefits as observed by devotees themselves worldwide:

  • Creates an protective shield around you as long as it is there with you.
  • It is capable of taking away problems from a person’s life. When prayed to in the proper way it can grant innumerable benefits to the person.
  • You start receiving the grace of the Supreme Powers imbibed within it just by keeping it near you and as per the guided method written on it.
  • Pains in the body can be removed just by praying and keeping or tying the Kalyan Yantra on the place of pain gently with a cloth.
  • Negative thoughts are removed and positive thinking is born.
  • Helps students in their studies.
  • You can keep it under your pillow if you are unable to sleep or are feeling stressed.
  • Receive protection from problems related to negative energy and Black Magic.

After you receive success in your work, regularly serve others by whole-heartedly telling the masses about these Supreme Sidhshakti Powers. This will ensure that you will also keep receiving benefits continuously. Serve them by telling them about the Supreme Sidhshakti Powers through your ‘Taan’- your physical presence or through your precious time; ‘Maan’- Whatever you share about these Supreme Sidhshakti Powers, do it whole-heartedly; and ‘Dhaan’- By spreading about these Supreme Sidhshakti Powers through your abundance and finances.

Also express your gratitude and reverence through a letter, email or phone by sharing your experiences.

You can also distribute Kalyan Yantras free for the definite benefit and welfare of people everywhere. You received Sri Maa’s blessings in the form of Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra because of someone’s act of voluntary service. In the same way you can also become a medium of helping masses to become free of their troubles. This is also a form of true service towards the Supreme Sidhshakti Powers.

Photocopies or printouts of Kalyan Yantra should not be made or distributed as without Sri Maa’s blessings it is only an ordinary paper. The Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra received from Institute of Spiritual Sciences works because it has Supreme Sidhshakti Powers imbibed by Sri Maa within it. Please contact Institute of Spiritual Sciences to know more.

Do not disrespect the Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra in any way.

Anyone from any religion or caste can use and receive benefits from Sidhshakti Kalyan Yantra. The light of the sun, planets, stars, moon, water, fire, air, sky, earth are the same for humans and all living creatures, similarly universal energies are also for everyone whether they belong to any caste, creed or religion.

Note: It is very important to do Seva to make sure that you receive continuous benefits from Kalyan Yantra. The experiences and benefits of using Kalyan Yantra varies from person to person and also depend upon the devotion with which you use it.







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