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Saatvik – Raajsik – Taamsik Thoughts

Thoughts are the essence of a peaceful and happy life. Thoughts are responsible for the development of a good or bad fortune. Pure thoughts lead to a healthy, happy & successful life. At the same time, bad thoughts lead to negative thought patterns such as anger, anxiety, jealousy, weakness & criminal tendencies. Thought Purification Meditation by Sri Maa, helps you to purify your thoughts and make them more positive. With this meditation, positive thoughts strengthen & negative thought patterns are steadily removed.

Thoughts are self-generating; it is a very natural process of getting thoughts even for a person whom we don’t even know well. When we hear or watch any news, we immediately start developing our thoughts about the person or event that took place. These thoughts may be negative or positive. Then gradually these thoughts get transformed in our actions. And, as we act, so we make our ‘Karmabandhanas’ (bondages by our deeds).

Thoughts are primarily of three types:

  1. Saatvik
  2. Rajsik
  3. Taamsik

These three ‘Gunas’ exist in each & every living creature & as well as everywhere around us. When our ‘taamsik guna’ is more, we feel anger, jealous, fear or hatred. Means, that we have thoughts, which are harmful for self and others.

While, when we are performing deeds with an intension of receiving something in return of what we have done to others, then our ‘Rajsik guna’ is empowering us. But, when we perform selfless acts, without any expectations, when we are doing something just with a feeling of benefiting others and without thinking how it will be affecting us, it is ‘Saatvik guna’. Saatvik guna is the most pious of all the gunas, because this is selfless. Saatvik guna means direct connection with the supreme power or complete surrenderance of your thoughts, mind & action. And once, one has surrendered itself under His guidance and then He takes care of us. Then we are performing selflessly. As we proceed further under saatvik guna our desires end and the taamsik and rajsik guna are not able to empower us.

So, as we think, so we act;

As we act, so the deeds are;

And as our deeds are, we are either successful or unsuccessful in life.

Hence it is very important to have pure and positive thoughts to lead a blissful life.

Read about “Thought Purification Meditation” to know more about how to get rid of negative thought and gain positive thinking and much more.

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