What is Mudra?

Yatha Brahmande Tathaa Pinde”, meaning, whatever is present in the universe is present in this human body also.  This nature and human body, both are composed of five elements.  Human body is also a representative of the universe.  Therefore, this human-body symbolizing universe is also composed of five elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and ether.  Our five fingers also represent these five elements; wherein thumb represents fire, forefinger represents air, middle finger represents ether, ring finger represents earth and the little finger represents water.  The saints and scholars of our country developed the science of ‘Mudras’ and have discovered that the main reason for occurrence of diseases in our body is the imbalances of these five elements.  The principle of the ‘Mudra science’ is that an imbalance of these five elements germinates disease(s) in our body whereas parity and balance in all these five elements keeps our body healthy.  Human body, a never-ending, enormous warehouse of secrets and mysteries, is in itself self sufficient and independent from health’s viewpoint. It can balance out the imbalances of these five elements itself by following ‘Hand-Mudra’. It has the glorious powers to keep itself free from diseases and to cure by itself. Even our religious books talk about the importance of these ‘Mudras’.

“Nasti Mudrasm Kinchit Siddhidhm Kshitimandale”, meaning, there is no other deed (Karma) other than ‘Mudras’ to give success on earth.  Moreover, these ‘Mudras’ are not only beneficial for curing our diseases but are also beneficial for our internal and external development.  ‘Mudras’ have powers to cure anything ranging from a normal headache to heart diseases. These ‘Mudras’ bring a lot of extraordinary changes in a person’s life. By practicing ‘Mudras’, a person can attain peace and happiness in his life, and can develop one’s own complete personality.  Human body is the nature’s best creation and a hand forms an important part of it, as from hands a particular type of life energy or power or magnetic rays are continuously emitted.  Even touch therapy and acupressure therapy procedures also support this.  The five fingers of a human hand represent five different elements, wherein; each finger is related to one special element.  Today modern science also agrees to the fact that varied kinds of electro magnetic waves are emitted from the tips of fingers. According to our ancient saint’s and scholar’s research of ‘Hand-Mudra’ science, these five fingers representing the five elements, when regularly being united, or touched or made to form special shapes, start changing and balancing the varied elements. All these elements can be increased or decreased by merely touching other fingers, or by putting light pressure or even by forming special postures.  Moreover, one can remain healthy by simply practicing it and by balancing these elements.  ‘Mudras’ are countless. For example, while dancing, worshiping, or even in puja it is a ritual to form different types of ‘Mudras’.  These are also practiced in Kundalini Jagaran.  There’s a lot of importance of these ‘Mudras’ form the viewpoint of our physical, mental and spiritual development also.

There are certain simple rules to be followed for doing ‘Mudras’ which are as under:

  1. Mudra should always be made with both the hands.
  2. Generally mudras must be made for continuous ten minutes.
  3. If it is necessary to make second mudra, it can be made immediately after first mudra.
  4. It is necessary to practice mudras on a routine for certain diseases and troubles.
  5. Mudra should be made as a routine in accordance with availability of time.
  6. There is no need to close eyes while making mudra.
  7. While making mudra thumb and fingers should only touch, pressure should not be put.
  8. Mudra can be practiced anywhere while doing anything, while in office, or on your way, while watching TV or even while lying down.
  9. Any one can perform mudra –men, women, old people or even children.
  10. For getting benefited from ‘Mudra’, there is no requirement of any special ‘Aasan’ or a specific time or mantra, the way its required for meditation or for worshiping.
  11. While forming a ‘Mudra’, apart from the fingers, which are used, generally other fingers should be kept straight.
  12. While being sick, the related mudra should be formed either lying down or while sitting or in any other comfortable and convenient posture.
  13. Mudras start showing their result immediately.
  14. Along with other cures being followed for a disease, use of ‘Mudras’ also proves to be beneficial. Mudras can be made along with taking medicines, and helps the patient to recovery sooner.
  15. Mudras should not be made immediately after having food.
  16. By making ‘Mudras’, the dormant energies in our body start balancing the five elements and remove imbalances.
  17. In case a disease is old, it will take longer to cure.  It is necessary to keep using and forming mudra patiently.
  18. By forming ‘Mudras’, there’s an origination of effective vibrations in our muscles, which speeds up the process of balancing the five elements.

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