Yagya – Havan & Anushthan

Yagya is a ritual of offerings accompanied by chanting of Mantras derived from the practice in the historical Vedic religion. Yagya are of two kinds – Havan and Anushthan.


Havan is a combination of Fire, Samagri – special ingredients (herbal preparations), Samidha – Special woods, Ghee and mantras. The combination of all of these things develops special sounds, vibrations and energies in the environment, which lays special effects on the person who gets the havan done. It removes the negativity, blockage, hindrance and obstacles in the path of the desire for which the Havan is performed and also of the person who gets it done. The positive energy, vibrations, peace created by it, fulfils the objective for which the Havan is preformed.


Anushthan is done to achieve those desires, wishes or targets, which cannot be accomplished by doing havan. Even in ancient times, kings used to perform Anushthan like Rajsuya Yagya and Ashumedha Yagya to achieve something special and saints used to perform special Yagya to gain universal energies (Siddhis). In Anushthan different types of ingredients, woods, elements, yantras and different special mantras are required, which never goes fail and is a panacea – a solution or remedy for all difficulties (RamBaan). It is done on a special date, day and time. The effect of mantra and this Anushthan never fails and the person achieves the purpose for sure.

When should the Havan/Anushthan be done?                                                                                            

The Havan can be performed whenever you wish to. It is a process which has been practised since ancient times. But generally people perform havan on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, marriage, house warming, new moon day, full moon day, at the time of birth, Holi, Diwali, Navratre, Shivratri etc to gain the blessings and energies of that day. It is also done at the time of death for purification and for the peace of the soul and family members.

Anushthan is done when there are hindrances and obstacles coming in marriage, wealth or property related problems, Pitr-Dosh, Grah-Dosh, blackmagic, distress in family, turbulence in relationships, failure in profession etc. It is generally done when there is lot of negative energy, blockages and hindrance in something you want to achieve.

How does it work?

The way there is different vegetable, fruit and milk product to fulfil the requirement of different vitamins, minerals and iron in the human body. Similarly, there are different ingredients and mantras used in the Yagya to fulfil different objectives in a person’s life.

For example:

For Health – Rice and black pepper or giloy.

For Wealth – Khair, Rose petals

Get rid of enemies – Gugal

Shani (Saturn) related problems – Black Til, Peepal Leaves

When these ingredients are offered in the fire, then the light, smoke, fragrance, sound, vibrations and energies coming out of it, fulfils the objective for which the Yagya is done.

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