Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Aura Stick cured insomnia and nervous stress

Greetings Sri Maa,

My name is Raj Kunwar Lodha. I saw your program on Sadhna channel with my son Surendra Lodha. Then Surendra came for a 3 day program organized in Delhi. I also insisted to accompany him but he told me that let him go first and see.

Surendra had lots of positive changes after coming from there and after 3 months he told me that he will organize Maa’s program in Aurangabad.

Surendra got Jadu ki Jhadi (Aura Stick) from there but he did not use it. He used jadu ki jhadi on me at Sri Maa’s programme. I sleep very less at night and I am almost awake throughout the night. I have stress due to which my nerves in my head are always stretched. Jadu ki jhadi was touched on the forehead and prayer was done by Surendra and it started moving. Nerves in my head were swollen. I started getting relief immediately. My mind and my heart got big relief. I slept peacefully that night. I did next day’s meditation. The best thing is my son Surendra made me to meet Maa so closely and through him so many other people met Maa and were benefitted. Everyone can not come Delhi..

I thank MAA a lot. Please bless my son always.

Raj Kunwar Lodha,


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