Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Healed a teacher’s hand during the Teacher’s Seminar with Aura Stick

There was a seminar happening in my school, where lot of teachers from many different schools of Delhi had come. I came to know that one lady teacher started to have a sudden unbearable pain on her shoulder during the seminar. She was not able to lift her left hand at all. I then and there told her about Sri Maa’s blessings and I had Sri Maa’s special blessing there in the form of ‘Jadu Ki Chadi’ (Aura Stick), through which I prayed to Sri Maa and healed her. First of all the ‘Jadu Ki Chadi’ took out the negative energy from there and then started filling that pain area with positive energy. She was herself amazed to see how quickly her intense pain vanished. She then whole heartedly thanked Sri Maa there and called up Institute of Spiritual Sciences to express her gratitude and regards towards Maa for bringing her out from that trouble. After this miracle, we distributed the Kalyan Yantra to everybody present in the seminar. I thank Sri Maa a lot for this miracle.

P.C. Pahuja,

Khayala Village, Delhi.

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