Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Jadu ki chadi relieved stomach ache at midnight

One day at midnight suddenly I had a severe stomach ache. I woke up my husband and when I told him about the severe pain he also started thinking where he should take me at this point of time. Suddenly he remembered about Sri Maa’s Jaadu ki Jhadi (Aura Stick) and when he placed Jaadu ki Jhadi in front of my stomach after praying to Sri Maa, it started moving anti-clock wise with great speed and after some time it started moving clock-wise. All my pain and grief ended within 15 minutes. I don’t have words to thank Maa as through jadu ki jhadi she saved us from so many problems simultaneously with relieving pain, otherwise in that severe pain where all me and my husband would have had to go unnecessarily. Maa like this please keep your blessings always on your children.


New Delhi


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