Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Aura Stick cures grandfather from two year old shoulder problem immediately.

Maa, my maternal grandfather had shoulder problem since last two years. He had been given all kinds of medication and exercise. Even then, he had a lot of pain. He could not even lift his hand. The first day when we got the ‘Jaadu ki Chadi’ (Aura Stick) and prayed before it, keeping it in front of his shoulder, it started rotating very fast. Within 5 minutes, his shoulder pain vanished like magic and shoulder problem was cured by the blessings of Sri Maa. Very happily he lifted his hand up completely and showed me in glee. His pain being relieved has given us lot of peace. Thank you Maa.

Soganiji’s grand daughter,

Patel Nagar,

New Delhi

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