Saturday, May 25, 2024
Aura Stick Experience

Miracle of “Jadu ki Chadi” (Aura Stick) at the public welfare programme in Aurangabad

Some people had taken the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ (Aura Stick) after the ‘Sankalp Sadhna’ (Wish Fulfillment Meditation) during the Public Welfare Programme in Aurangabad. When the process of using the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ was demonstrated, there were 2-3 people who came up, who had lot of pain in their necks. They were unable to turn their necks around. There was an immediate relief upon using the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’.

One person was experiencing a lot of pain in the throat. In some time, his pain was also relieved.

Another person was experiencing pain in his left hand. He stood straight with his eyes closed. When the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ was used, his hand also kept moving in the same direction as the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’. Around 100 people were standing there and watching him. Everyone had a surprised look on their faces. They were not able to believe how was the person’s hand was moving automatically. In this way everyone got benefitted from the articles made ‘Sidh’ by Sri Maa.

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