Thursday, February 29, 2024
Aura Stick Experience

Gained knowledge about Kundlini with the help of Aura Stick

I am making full use of the ‘Jaadu ki Chadi’ (Aura Stick) created my Sri Maa and infused with Sidhshaktis (Sri Maa’s Energies). I was doing the Kundlini Awakening meditation. My Kundlini actions (Kriyayein) were internal. I was not able to get the external actions (Kriyayein). I had no knowledge of the internal Kundlini actions and I was not able to visit the Sri Math regularly, else I would have got this knowledge from Sri Maa. One day someone at Sri Math told me about Jadu ki Chadi. Then with the help of ‘Jaadu ki Chadi’ only I came to know that my Kundlini has reached the ‘Swadhisthan Chakra’. With this, now I can also heal pain in any part of my body.

Sudhir, Punjab


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