Saturday, May 25, 2024
Aura Stick Experience

Weakness healed within few moments through Aura Stick

My name is Sharmila. Lalita Ji lives in my neighborhood. Lalita ji was unable to come and attend Sri Maa’s Shivir (Public Welfare Programme). I was really wishing that she could also attend all the Shivirs with us, but she was facing a lot of problem due to weakness. She was even not able to sit. Lalita wanted to come, but I was unable to understand what I could do about this situation. At that moment I remembered that I have the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ (Aura Stick). I decided to use the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’.

I touched the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ with my forehead and just prayed that, “Maa please take away Lalita ji’s weakness and give her strength”. After this the ‘Jadu ki Chadi’ worked like magic. In some time Lalita Ji’s weakness went away. Lalita Ji experienced how Maa’s power is present in a stick. Physical weakness got healed just by using it. Just imagine what all we can get when we are ourselves present in front of Sri Maa while receiving Her powers. We attended the Shivir on all 3 days and experienced Sri Maa’s powers. Lalita ji expressed deep gratitude that such precious time did not get wasted. I thank Maa for this.

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