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The Pursuit of Happiness – 1

Human beings are constantly seeking happiness. The purpose of our life is to reach and express our maximum potential. When we do that, we automatically begin to feel the great ecstasy, pleasure and happiness that our hearts constantly seek. Yet one of the most fundamental questions is how to achieve that state of mind where we feel happy, especially in relationships . There are as many ways to happiness as there are people, so let us say there exist roughly six billion ways to fulfillment and happiness , today we shall discuss one of those ways, through Sidhshakti Meditations.

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji has gifted humanity with this tremendously transforming and benefiting concept of energy based meditations, meaning a meditation in which you receive the direct universal energies through the blessings of Sri Maa.

The Sidhshakti meditations creates several of the following transformations and thus increases the level of happiness in our lives :

Sri Maa in one of her discourses once mentioned the formula for happiness. It is enlisted below.


Happiness = ———-


It was a concept that was both profound and enlightening. The interpretation of the formula says that we assume that the more success we get the more we will be happy. But it is not so. If we get as much success as we have expected then while there might be the satisfaction of achievement, but the happiness will not be there. The root of happiness lies in that surprise element. How many times have we seen a surprise party bringing more happiness than the routine party that had been envisaged earlier. Similarly when we reduce the expectation in our lives and let every small success come out to us as a surprise as a great gift of lives the level of our happiness increase tremendously.

This formula applies most in relationships. Let us take the three dynamics of how relationships work. The above formula would change in the following way when applied to a relationship .

What you are getting from the other person

Happiness = —————————————————-

What are you are expecting to get

The four possibilities that arise are :


What I am getting = What I am expecting

  1. Therefore there is no real happiness although since both the denominator and the numerator are equal therefore there is the score of satisfaction and a balance exists. The net happiness score is 1. This case is a case of balance.


What I am getting < (less than) what I am expectingIn this particular case, the equation tilts towards the happiness being less than one or effectively we could say that the individual is going through unhappiness. The level of unhappiness that one goes through depends upon the quantity of expectation as well as the level of receiving from the other person. If the expectation from someone is nearing infinity then even though the other person might be giving a lot, happiness does not seem to result because of the fact that expectations are infinite. This situation applies to several married couples and is the source of daily conflict. Let us take a typical case of how the dynamics work.


What I am getting > (more than ) what I am expecting

This is the state where you feel elated and happy because you know that life is giving you more than what you were expecting. You feel lucky, taken care of and a supreme sense of faith in yourself, in your relationships , in life and in GOD arises out of being in this state. The final exaltation of this state is when we reach the state of zero expectation, thus making every small achievement, every small success, every small thing that we get from the other person a celebration. Because as per the Sidhshakti Happiness Formula if your expectations are zero your happiness reaches infinity at any level of success.

What you get

Happiness =     —————

What you expect

When what you expect = 0 then even if you get let us say 0.1 level of success your happiness would become Infinite. Also what you expect is in your control, is dependent on your thoughts, while what you get depends on so many other factors. There fore Sri Maa’s formula for infinite happiness is :


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